You Might Be an Anime or Manga Fan If…

Japanese anime and manga are more than just art forms. They have become cultural phenomena in many parts of the world. They have become so popular that those involved in the anime-manga scene are now left to debate whether or not material produced outside of Japan is legitimate. That’s how you know it has gone big time.

At any rate, there are anime and manga fans the world over. These are people who eat, sleep, and breathe all things anime and manga. Are you one of them? If you are not sure, there are some definite signs that could point you in that direction.

In honor of well-known comedian Jeff Foxworthy, you might be an anime or manga fan if:

1. You Think Nothing Else Compares

One of the symptoms of rapid anime and manga fandom is the belief that nothing else in the art or entertainment world compares. You love anime and manga so much that you will not even consider classics like ‘Looney Tunes’ or ‘Mickey Mouse and Friends’. You have absolutely no respect for any type of animation or artwork outside of your chosen genre.

2. You Actually Know the Difference

Speaking of other forms not comparing to anime and manga, you are legitimately a fan if you know the difference between the two. While both anime and manga are similar in terms of look and presentation, anime is the domain of the animation world. It encompasses things like animated films, weekly TV shows, short films, etc.

Manga is the domain of comic books and graphic novels. Presentation is similar in terms of form, shape, color, etc., but where anime deals with animated images, manga is all still images.

3. You Wear Anime Clothing

If you prefer anime clothing over other style choices, you are very likely a fan. For you, there is nothing like a brand-new T-shirt or anime hoodie from Umai. You would rather wear your anime or manga apparel than anything else in your wardrobe. And if you have really gone off the deep end, you do not have anything else to wear anyway.

4. You Have a Dedicated Room in Your Home

Rabid sports fans have entire rooms dedicated to their favorite teams. So do fans of the best grossing film franchises in history. But no worries, fans of anime and manga are not left out. You are truly a fan if you have a dedicated room in your house. Its walls are probably covered with anime and manga artwork. You probably have shelves lined with anime DVDs and manga graphic novels.

5. You Know All the Names and Titles

Genuine anime and manga fan are a treasure trove of information. They know the names of just about every character under the sun. They know the title of every series, graphic novel, short story, and comic book. Moreover, they know all of the finer connections between characters and stories. If there is an anime or manga factoid to be known, real fans know it.

6. It’s Your Only Reason for Appreciating Japan

Japanese culture has given the world an awful lot. However, if your only reason for appreciating Japan’s contributions is your love of anime and manga, you are absolutely a fan. Celebrate your fandom by going out and buying a new T-shirt or hoodie.

Based on the characteristics described in this post, are you a true anime or manga fan? If not, you still have plenty of time to change that. Just start appropriating all things anime and manga. You will be on board soon enough.

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