Fantastic Field Trips For the Whole Family

Tired of being stuck indoors? Need a way to shake up the daily routine? A field trip isn’t just for school outings — anyone can take one. In fact, there are dozens of benefits to getting out of the house and seeing something new. Exercise, imagination, family bonding, and new memories to cherish for life. So why not plan a field trip for the family and see something new?

Dinosaur Discovery

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? There are dozens of natural history museums that feature dinosaur skeletons. Some have animatronics and life-sized statues, too. Pose with a pterosaur or snap a selfie with a stegosaurus! You can get ideas on where to go from Dino Danny and chronicle your own dinosaur-seeing adventures while you’re at it.

Aquarium Adventures 

The sea is abundant with fascinating species, like sharks and manta rays, exotic fish and dolphins, and millions of other critters. What better way to experience the ocean indoors than at an aquarium? You won’t get closer to those amazing underwater creatures than a tank of glass — and many aquariums have special areas you can touch the sea life. Petting an anemone is quite an experience.

Cool Caves

Most caves aren’t actually creepy, but super cool natural underground formations that are a thrill to tour. You can see amazing stalactites and stalagmites (those pointy, tooth-like formations that grow from water and limestone and carbonic acid). Some caves were formerly mines — iron ore, silver, gold, and crystals. Don’t worry, though, caves that allow tours are guided by an expert and have good lighting so you won’t get lost in the dark.

Zenful Zoos

Lions and tigers and bears — and penguins, too? You can see all these wild animals and more at a zoo. Lemurs, gorillas, camels, crocodiles, polar bears, and hundreds of other species you usually won’t see in real life can be viewed up close in a zoo. Many zoos are large, so bring your walking shoes. There’s always an exhibit to please everyone.

Astonishing Arboretums

Maybe trees are more your speed. An arboretum is like an outside zoo, but for bushes and trees. Similar to parks, these places allow scientists to study different types of trees, their effects on the environment, and how the climate affects different species. Plus, arboreta (the correct plural) are beautiful and peaceful to walk around. What a great way to enjoy nature and learn about our tree neighbors.

Beautiful Botanicals

Do you love flowers? A trip to a botanical garden is a treat. You can see thousands of unique and beautiful flowers and other plants on display. Yes, even in winter. Some botanical gardens have aviaries attached, which house exotic birds like parrots.

Peaceful Planetarium 

Space may be the final frontier, but it’s accessible to everyone here on our planet through a planetarium. Learn cool astronomy facts, see constellations displayed and explained, and witness the majesty of outer space right here on Earth. If you love science and discovering our galaxy, a planetarium is a great experience for people of every age.

With so many options, you can plan a field trip for any occasion. So, where will you go first?

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