Top Reasons To Choose a German Shepherd Puppy

When you decide to add a new furry friend to your family, choosing a breed is one of the first decisions you need to make. Anyone who selects a German Shepherd puppy knows that these dogs have the following attributes.

Easy To Train

Breeders who offer German Shepherd puppies for sale in South Florida find that many seek these dogs because of their extraordinary intelligence. This quality makes German Shepherds extremely easy to train and allows them to understand a wide range of commands and perform various tasks.

Highly Adaptable

German Shepherds can adapt to any lifestyle and can be happy living in a house or apartment. They are easy-going with their families and can blend seamlessly into anyone’s routine.

Good With Children

German Shepherds can perform many tasks, but they also love to play and have fun. This quality makes them a perfect playmate for young children, primarily when raised together from a young age.

Good With Other Pets

Although German Shepherd puppies grow to become large dogs, they will not intimidate other pets in a household. German Shepherds can be very playful, gentle and caring with other pets and do not threaten other animals living in the same home.

Loyal To Their Families

Many people choose German Shepherd puppies due to their intense loyalty to their families and protective instincts, making them ideal guard dogs. With proper training, these intelligent dogs can simultaneously perform the roles of family defenders and beloved pets.

Long Lifespan

Many purebred German Shepherds are not exempt from health complications that many other breeds experience; they are especially hearty dogs that can live an average of 13 years. Thus, the average lifespan of German Shepherds tends to be longer than that of some other large breeds.

Anyone considering a German Shepherd puppy can consult with a reputable breeder to learn more about this breed’s beautiful qualities.

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