3 Creative Elements Present in Video Commercials

Video commercials featured on television or online have a potentially greater reach than other forms of marketing due to their combined use of visuals and sounds. Even though the creative arts and marketing are different fields, a successful commercial uses some creative elements to promote products, services or concepts effectively.

  1. Storytelling

Every single commercial tells a story, no matter the format or medium. Some demonstrate a problem that is resolved by the featured product or service, while others represent it in an artistic manner. Even direct ads try to relate to viewers via hypothetical scenarios. Narrative-driven commercials work because viewers can relate to them and see the subject directly. Companies hire writers, directors and other storytellers to create powerful but compact narratives that captivate the public in a minute or less.

  1. Acting

Commercials regularly rely on actors. Some will be silent models while others have full dialogue and involvement in the story. Not all the talent is on-screen either, as commercial voice over actors Beverly Hills CA are essential if the commercials are animated or include narration. Businesses invest on professional actors to execute their roles flawlessly, even if the tone is more comical or informal. Narrators can have the most crucial role because they are the ones who must describe the services or products perfectly.

  1. Visuals 

Since these commercials are airing on television, movie screens and websites, they will need appropriate visuals to successfully pitch the subject. The production crew uses cinematography to film scenes while accounting for factors such as cameras, lighting, angles and special effects. Some advertisements require complex techniques, while others are less rigorous, depending on the tone of the video. Animated commercials go through different processes and art styles from simple moving graphics to computer-generated imagery.

The best commercials have artistic touches that make them stand out from others. Businesses hire creative experts to make their advertisements and their products or services memorable.

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