5 Tricks to Get Likes on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has grown into a network that provides seriously good music for the listeners and seriously good cash for the musicians. New artists see how the business goes and everyone wants a piece of the cake. You’re no different, right? Of course, why not, everyone deserves to be paid and happy.

The problem here is how to get to a level where money starts rolling in. To get paid you need lots of followers, lots of plays, and lots of shares. People don’t just click follow to every newbie they see. You need to work very hard for getting people to like you and start following you. So what to do?

Make people interact

Dropping your bits, that by the way are insane, is great, but this probably won’t get much fuzz. There are thousands of bits, songs, tunes, and the competition is amazing. You need to stand out. A smart way to do this is by interacting with other users on the platform.

Comment on their tracks, ask them to follow your profile or join a conversation, and provoke them to interact with you. People like to hear touching stories. If you have one, tell everyone about it. Make people comment. Remember that it’s not important whether the comments are good or bad. It’s about popularity. There will be time to make things right, for now just make sure you get more followers.

Tag the tracks

Tags are inserted for better sorting. If you’re a jazz hip-hoper make sure you use tags that you know others who fancy this genre will click on the tag. This is a great way to be found. When someone likes to hear what’s new in a certain genre, they move through the tags and stop when something catches their attention. Learn about tags here if you don’t know much about them.

The visual look is highly important

You might be afraid of the feedback. Maybe you’re ashamed of the work you do, so you choose an avatar that hides your personality. No! Be shameless, Madonna didn’t become immortal by being ashamed of herself. People are visual and they want to see who makes the music. They want to make an image while listening to the track you made. After all, someone might be indifferent toward the music, but like your style and still follow you and listen to your music.

Try to be unique and different. Make sure you add a photo of yourself where you look best. Try to be intriguing and provocative as this is the best way to catch people’s attention.

Hire a professional

Most of the audience is mediocre. It’s an undeniable fact. That means, most of the public won’t be interested in your work unless they see other people were already interested. People love to get artists on a pedestal just after everyone already acknowledged their value. So, you need to make an image of yourself being successful. As people often say, in order to be successful, you need to make an image of success.

For example, take a look at the SoundCloud BuyPlaysFast.com site and see how it’s done. In a matter of days, you get likes, plays, comments, the full package. When someone else comes on your profile, they’ll be amazed by the interaction you get and how popular you are.

You think that Jay-Z really had money to throw away from an expensive yacht in one of his first videos almost 30 years ago? No, it was marketing, and the money was just paper leaves. He was almost broke, but created an image of success and becoming successful was inevitable.

Share, share, share

Shameless self-promotion is a must. Don’t be afraid to be called selfish or a snob. If you don’t care about making sure your tracks get to see the light of the social media day, who will? SoundCloud is the place to make music, but don’t stop there. Share it on all social media you have a profile on. No place is a bad place. You can never know where you’ll hit the attention of someone who’s influential and will re-share your single. Always push forward, and things will get to the place you want them to be.