How to Find the Best Freelance Photographer

Once you’ve decided that hiring a freelance photographer is the best way for your business to go, you’ll need to figure out exactly which freelancer is right for you. While this might seem like an intimidating prospect, we have a few tips on how to make it easier.

Set a Budget Early On

“Best Freelance Photographer” is an incredibly subjective title! The best one for you might not be the best one for a t-shirt shop or ice cream store, or even a car lot, and correspondingly, the best budget for you might not be the same as it is for another business. Figuring out how much you’re willing to spend on photography before you consider hiring someone means you can narrow down photographers by price.

Questions on Qualifications

Who else would be willing to refer this photographer to you (or you to this photographer)? What about professional organizations? Finding out a potential photographer’s membership status with regards to professional organizations is a good indicator of how committed they are to their craft. You might be able to find a good freelance photographer who isn’t part of one, but if they are a member, you’ll be able to find out a little bit more about them and their work earlier on in the hiring process.

Check the Contracts First

When you’re going into this, you’ll need to know what is and isn’t covered. Will the photographer cover printing, or is that on you? What about retouching? Is there anything written down about an “In Case of Emergency” policy, and if so, will you have a chance to meet and vet the potential backup? All of these are potential issues that you should need to talk over with your freelancer, along with things like their insurance policy, ownership of the image copyright, and digital rights fees.

Brace to Negotiate

Are you going to be a regular customer? Can a photographer expect repeat business from you within the year? Exactly how much work do you need? Keep an eye out for discounts and offers that the photographers you have in mind make and set a time to sit down with your potential freelancers. If you’re going to be offering them regular work, they might be willing to offer you a reduced rate in exchange before you hire freelance photographer—you won’t know until you talk it out.

Everyone deserves to look their best when they’re getting their photo taken, and the same goes for you and your company. You should never be afraid to go out and get the quality you need.